MBA Graduation
In December of 2010, I completed
Georgia State's grueling Professional
MBA program! Next up is GSU's
Masters of Science in Business Analysis.
The Washington Monthly ranks
Morehouse College as one of the top
liberal arts colleges in the nation.

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Huffington Post cites Morehouse as
among the nation's most grueling
"Morehouse College is among the
country’s most grueling colleges
according to a listing released
Thursday by the Huffington Post.

The all-male school is the only HBCU
listed among the likes of MIT, Johns
Hopkins, University of Chicago,
Caltech and the U.S. Naval Academy.
The school’s commitment to
upholding standards of excellence as
well as its reputation for having
notoriously difficult pre-med courses is
what landed the school on the list,
the Huffington Post writes."

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